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25 April 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 50
Petraeus Promoted, Odierno to Take Over Iraq-Nam War -- The Bush administration has decided to promote General David Petraeus to the top job at Central Command, the unified command covering US military interests in 25 nations from the Horn of Africa to the Gulf and Central Asia. Moving up to take over the war in Iraq-Nam is Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno. This change in responsibilities stems from the resignation of Admiral William Fallon who retired after publicly disagreeing with the White House on the war. Admiral Fallon had to go, but the change also ties the next president’s hands, and one has reservations about General Odierno.

Whitman Wins Appeal on 9/11 Responsibility -- Former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman won a legal appeal over telling New Yorkers that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe after the 2001 terrorist attacks. A lower court had held her statements to be “conscience-shocking.” This journal holds her personally responsible for the sickness of thousands, and the deaths of many. The law may say she bore no liability, but justice is a different matter.

Rising Gas Prices Hit Rural America Hardest by Lydia Jacobs -- As a gas station clerk in a small, rural town in a forgotten corner of Kansas, I hear and see the effects of the rising gas prices every day. While I'm reading articles about people who have to make sacrifices such as giving up their SUV's and moving closer to work, I'm seeing in my day-to-day life more and more people whose very livelihoods are put at risk. Never mind telecommuting or investing in a hybrid--these are people with no other options, cornered by the rising gas prices, and left to fend for themselves.

Cheerleaders Hit Indian Cricket for Six -- The Indian Premier League started its first season of Twenty20 cricket last week, and it has upset a great many of the people there. Having decided to make this variety of cricket a serious money making venture, the backers have juiced things up by adding American-style cheerleaders. The costumes have shocked the nation, but what one finds genuinely offensive is the threat this poses to real cricket, the 5-day Test Match kind.

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