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7 May 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 55
Obama Runs up Delegate Score on Clinton -- Yesterday’s primaries in Indiana and North Carolina came as close to a knock-out punch as this campaign has seen. Although Hillary Clinton won Indiana, it was by a slim 2% margin (close enough in some jurisdictions to force an automatic recount). In North Carolina, Senator Barack Obama’s 14% margin of victory increased his lead in the delegate count substantially. The race is not yet over, but there is little reason to believe that Senator Obama will not be the Democratic nominee.

Ahern Leaves, Cowen is Ireland’s New PM -- Yesterday was the last day Bertie Ahern held the title of Taoiseach, Prime Minister of the Irish Republic. He held the office since 1997, and in that time, Ireland has become a different country. He is leaving under a cloud, though, revolving around a corrupt payments investigation. One of his last official acts was to open a site commemorating the Battle of the Boyne with Ian Paisley. His lasting contributions were prosperity and the peace that Northern Ireland now enjoys.

Buffet Advises Investors to Expect Less -- Regular readers will know that this journal holds Warren Buffet’s market acumen in high regard. In recent comments, he has talked about a long recession or slowdown, his plans to acquire (through his investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway) a few more companies, and alternative energy. Of all of his remarks the oine that stands out was his belief that investors may just have to get used to lower rates of return.

Computer Spam Turns 30 -- Everyone who has an e-mail account has received unwanted, unsolicited junk messages known as “spam.” This is an insult to the makers of the canned pig flesh product of the same name as their spam is actually enjoyed by some people. The first acknowledged bit of e-mail spam arrived in in-boxes on May 3, 1978. Even then people weren’t happy about it.

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