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23 May 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 62
Libertarian Threat to McCain is Over-Hyped -- The Libertarian Party Convention got underway yesterday, and before Tuesday morning, the party will have selected its nominee for the presidency of the US. Some commentators have suggested that the Libertarians pose a grave threat to John McCainís campaign, likening it to the effect Ralph Naderís 2000 campaign had on Al Goreís run. While it makes a good headline, the truth is the Libertarians donít pose much of a threat to Mr. McCain because his problems lie elsewhere on the right.

Tories Crush Labour in Crewe and Nantwich By-Election -- In yesterdayís by-election in the constituency of Crewe and Nantwich (in Cheshire, a bit south of Liverpool and Manchester), the Labour Party unsuccessfully defended a majority of 7,000. The seat, held by the late Labour MP Gwyneth Dunwoody since the 1980s, was considered one of Labourís safest. For the first time since 1982, though, the Conservatives have won a by-election, and for the first time since 1978 have taken a Labour seat this way. Most astonishing was the size of the victory; the Tory majority is 7,860.

American Airlines Fights High Fuel Costs with Extra Fees -- As the oil companies rake money in hand over fist, the airlines of the world are shoveling it at them. Air fares in the US have risen about 20% compared to last year, but it isnít enough. So, American Airlines has announced a set of new fees to help offset the high price of Jet A fuel, which is up 80% since last year. For example, itís going to cost $15 to check one bag. American already charges $25 for the second bag. And thereís more to come.

Manchester United Wins Championsí League on Penalty Kicks -- Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow may seem an odd venue for a Manchester United-Chelsea match, but Wednesdayís game was set over a year ago, when UEFA didnít know who would be in the final of the Championsí League competition. As it turned out, the winners of the Premiership and the runners-up made it, and the Battle of Moscow featured two English clubs (although Chelsea is owned by a Russian). After regulation and extra time, it was 1-1. Man U won on penalty kicks, as ever a stupid way to determine a winner.

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