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26 May 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 63
Support the Troops with a Decent GI Bill -- In the debate about the GI Bill in Congress, the $51 billion for education benefits seems to be too rich for the administration. This is astonishing because it merely matches the benefits for those coming home from World War II. Under Senator Jim Webb’s (D-VA) bill, vets would get four academic years’ worth of tuition, books, fees and $1,000 of living expenses a month after 3 years of service. A counter-proposal from Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is miserly in comparison, requires too much time in the service, and of all people, he ought to know better.

Saakashvili’s Party Wins Georgian Parliamentary Elections -- In the former Soviet republic of Georgia, the United National Movement, to which President Mikheil Saakashvili belongs, won roughly 62% of the vote in last week’s parliamentary elections. The leading opposition group, called the United Opposition Council, trailed badly with around 15%. The foreign observers said the election was flawed but an improvement over previous balloting in Georgia. The UOC is having none of it, threatening to put 100,000 protesters in the streets and to boycott the new parliament.

OPEC is Unhappy with High Oil Prices -- OPEC chief Abdala El Badri on Thursday said, “We are not very happy with this increase in oil prices.” Read that again slowly. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is unhappy because oil is trading at $130+ per barrel. Surely, he’s kidding. Cartels exist to increase prices by limiting supply, right? Actually, he’s telling the truth because, in the long-run, the current market volatility undermines the cartel’s position by weaning customers off oil.

HBO’s “Recount” is Brilliant and Painful -- HBO Films has assembled an amazing cast to re-enact the disastrous Florida presidential election of 2000. Premiering last night, “Recount” is the story of how the Democrats and the Republicans fought tooth and nail for victory in Florida during a recount of the popular vote. Eventually, the state’s electoral votes were awarded to George W. Bush (and thus he “won” the presidency) because the Supreme Court of the United States ordered the counting of ballots in Florida halted. It was one of the lowest points in American history, and the film portrays that in painful brilliance.

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