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4 June 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 67
Obama’s Nomination Starts Fixing America’s Image -- America’s image during the last seven and a half years hasn’t been the Statue of Liberty but the photos from Abu Ghraib. The nation that used to pride itself on being a “shining city on a hill” became Darth Vader’s empire in the minds of many non-Americans. Last night, Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois secured enough delegates to claim the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Judging by the headlines from overseas, America has got the world’s attention over this.

UN Authorizes Navies to Attack Somali Pirates -- In the movies, pirates are exciting characters of swashbuckling charm. From Peter Pan to Errol Flynn to Johnny Depp, they’ve been treated as baddies, but not quite evil. The truth is worse. Piracy persists on the high seas, and it remains a problem for mariners and world trade. The UN Security Council has just passed a resolution authorizing members to send naval assets into Somali waters to combat the local pirates.

S&P Downgrades Foreshadow More Trouble -- The Standard and Poor’s rating agency has downgraded the ratings of Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. The reason for the downgrades was the expectation that further write-downs on their mortgage-related businesses lie ahead. While the ratings are still in the investment grade territory, the decline can only be interpreted as a prediction of continued weakness.

Bo Diddley Bows out at 79 -- Bo Diddley, one of the fathers of rock ‘n’ roll, passed away earlier this week at the age of 79. Customarily, people observe a moment of silence upon the passing of a friend or famous stranger. Nothing could be more inappropriate, though, than a moment of silence for him. Far better would be several moments of the Bo Diddley beat, best written as “boom-boom-boom, boom-boom.”

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