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11 June 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 70
Ron Paul to Hold Mini-Convention -- While the media are focused on whether the Democrats can find some unity after their divisive primary campaign, the Republicans have a much worse problem. Ron Paul, the libertarian Texan, has said that he will have a mini-convention of his supporters in Minneapolis in September, probably on the second day of the Republican national convention. This is going to be a 15-minutes-of-fame event in all likelihood, but they are 15 exceedingly ill-timed minutes from the John McCain for President point of view.

South Korean Cabinet Offers Resignations over US Beef Imports -- The entire South Korean Cabinet has offered its resignation to the president. The reason isnít troubles with North Korea, nor does it appear to involved illicit payments. The ministers offered to resign over South Korean protests over the resumption of American beef imports. Up to 20,000 police were call out to deal with as many as a million people who took to the streets of Seoul yesterday angry that the government wasnít looking after their health

Lehman to Raise $6 Billion to Survive -- Lehman Brothers will not be following Bear Stearns into Wall Street extinction despite posting a $2.8 billion loss in the first quarter. Thatís about 10 times the anticipated loss of $300 million. To right the ship, Lehman will raise $6 billion in a rights issue. What isnít going to happen right now is a bail out by a commercial bank, nor is Lehman going to start making any serious money any time soon.

Appleís iPhone 2.0 Shows Folly of Early Adapters -- Apple has just announced that its 3G iPhone will cost less than the first model. The 8-gigabyte version will go for $199, the 16GB for $299. The current version hit the market at $599, and its price has been reduced to $399. The new version is also three times faster in downloading content. It also has a GPS function. Those who jumped in early got exactly what early adapters always get, less for more.

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