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18 June 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 73
Gay Marriage Wonít Sway November Vote -- As of now, it is legal for two people of the same sex to get married in the State of California, which joins Massachusetts in permitting gay marriage. Pundits on both sides of the right-left divide have suggested that this will give social conservatives, who arenít thrilled with John McCain as nominee, a reason to turn up and vote Republican. Some have even suggested it could cost Barack Obama the election. They are wrong.

France to Return to NATO Command, Restructure Military -- One hopes that Senators Obama and McCain (and the other 98 US Senators) have been paying attention to the news out of France. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that France needs to restructure its military because terrorism is the greatest threat to French security, not the Nazis nor the Soviets. Heís going to put France back into NATOís command structure, from which de Gaulle withdrew in 1966. Heís also closing bases and reducing headcount to fight the next war, not the last one.

Goldman May Bring Hedge Fund Investing to Masses -- Goldman Sachs in not known as a retail outlet for investment products. The firm caters mainly to institutional investors and to the filthy rich. Thatís how it made $2.1 billion in the most recent quarter, topping expectations. Now, it appears to be ready to bring hedge fund investing to retail investors. The GS-Art Fund may change Goldmanís image.

Tiger Woods Outlasts Heroic Rocco Mediate -- The US Open golf tournament this year was one for the ages. Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest ever to play the game, returned to the tour recovering from a knee injury. In the first round on Thursday, many were convinced he had yet to recuperate sufficiently. On Friday, he banished those doubts, but Rocco Mediate, a journeyman pro in his mid-forties with a bad back, won over the gallery at Torrey Pines with his childlike enthusiasm, his humble style and his underdog position. The Cinderella story was not to be, but the Gods of Golf gave fans a brilliant and dramatic show.

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