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11 July 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 83
Congress Passes, Bush Signs FISA Bill -- The Democratic Congress has given the most unpopular president since polling began a huge gift this week when the Senate passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 2008, which the House already approved. The bill, signed yesterday, allows the US government to intercept electronic communications without going to the trouble of getting a proper warrant to do so. Mr. Bush has been doing this since he came to office, but now, it isn’t a crime.

Iran Launches Test Missiles -- The Iranian government this week proved that it can be just a pigheaded, jingoistic and foolish as the American and Israeli governments when it launched several missiles in a “test.” Preceding this, Israel had threatened to attack Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear installations, and the US has been trying for ever tighter sanctions against Tehran. Following the tests of missiles that could hit Tel Aviv, US Secretary of State neoCondoleezza Rice said, “We are also sending a message to Iran that we will defend American interests and . . . the interests of our allies.”

Bernanke, Paulson Want More Financial Regulations -- Starting in the 1980s, deregulation of financial markets has been de rigueur. That era appears to have ended yesterday with US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke asking Congress to enhance the Fed's power to increase bank supervision and give it greater power to intervene in the financial markets. It seems there needs to be a sheriff in Dodge City after all.

World’s First Ecological Nightclub Opens -- Property developer Andrew Charalambous, a/k/a Dr. Earth, opened his nightclub Surya, on the Pentonville Road, Islington, London, last night. He claims it is the first ecological nightclub in the world, although the folks at the Sustainable Dance Club (SDC) in the Netherlands dispute that. In any case, the dance floor generates much of the club’s electricity; it has solar panels and wind turbines, and it has air-flush urinals and low-flush toilets. It all sounds great, but what if the music is crap?

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