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16 July 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 85
Congressman John Lewis Faces Primary Challenge -- John Lewis (D-GA) has been in the House of Representatives for 21 years. He is a leader of the civil rights movement and has won the Democratic nomination in his Atlanta district without challenge since 1992. Mr. Lewis was also a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter until recently. This year, heís being challenged for the nomination by 31-year-old minister Markel Hutchins and State Representative Mable Thomas. Thatís what comes of backing the wrong horse.

Belgiumís Prime Minister Offers Resignation -- It took 200 days of negotiation to establish the current coalition government in Belgium after an inconclusive election. After less than four months, Prime Minister Yves Leterme has handed King Albert II his resignation over a dispute involving regional autonomy. The King of the Belgians (Note: not the King of Belgium) has not formally accepted it, and he has started talks among leading politicians to find a better solution. Be that as it may, the country is on the edge of the abyss as Luc Delfosse, assistant editor of Le Soir newspaper so dramatically put it.

Stagflation Has Returned to America -- Itís time to get out the polyester three-piece suit and the disco records because itís the 1970s again. Oil has more than tripled in price since Mr. Bush became president, and the result is a stagnant economy and rising prices. The situation is ďstagflation,Ē and it has returned to America, on a sort of a 30th anniversary tour.

Hamilton Rocks Yankee Stadium in Home Run Derby -- Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers put on an exhibition of home run hitting at Monday nightís Home Run Derby, part of Major League Baseballís All-Star Game celebration. In 20 minutes, he took the ball to the bleachers 28 times, including a run of 13 shots in a row. He broke the old record of 24 in a single round of the competition by 4. Not too bad for a guy who had been banned from baseball due to drug abuse not long ago.

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