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23 July 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 88
FDA Finally Finds Salmonella Source -- Back at the beginning of June, the Food and Drug Administration warned Americans against eating certain varieties of tomatoes because of concerns over salmonella poisoning. Around 1,200 people have contracted the disease in 40 states and a few places in Canada (no doubt visitors to the US). Several weeks and $100 million in lost tomato sales later, the FDA has said the tomatoes were OK after all. It was Mexican jalapeño peppers that caused the outbreak. One would be relieved if one were confident the FDA got it right this time.

Karadzic Arrested in Belgrade -- Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been a fugitive for over a decade. The UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague has indicted him twice: first for killing at least 7,500 men and boys in the town of Srebrenica in July 1995, and second for shelling Sarajevo in May and June of that same year, using UN peacekeepers as human shields. Yesterday, Serbian authorities slapped handcuffs on him, and he’s headed to trial.

Wachovia Loses $8.9 Billion in Second Quarter -- Wachovia Corp., a big name in American banking and mortgages, announced yesterday that it had lost $8.86 billion in second quarter 2008. In response, the bank is cutting its dividend by 5 cents a share to 32.5 cents. About 6,400 jobs will go, and 4,400 vacancies will go unfilled. It’s been a tough start for the new CEO, former Treasury Undersecretary Robert Steel, who has had the job two weeks.

Stalin Leads “Name of Russia Contest” -- According to a poll of Brits in 2002, Winston Churchill was the greatest Briton ever. Most Americans in a similar poll selected a second rate actor named Ronald Reagan as the greatest American who ever lived (Ben Franklin actually was). Now, the Moscow-based TV channel Rossiya is running the "Name of Russia" contest to determine the one Russian from history who serves as a national symbol and the nation's biggest hero. The original field of 500 was reduced to 50 and, in September, will be whittled down to 12. The final result is due in December. And right now, Joseph Stalin is leading the pack.

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