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25 July 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 89
Over 200,000 Hear Senator Obama in Berlin -- What does it say about a politician when 200,000 people turn up to hear him speak? What does it say when 200,000 show up to hear him talk in a language not native to the city he’s in? What does it say about him when, of the 200,000, only a few tourists in town can even vote for him? Senator Barack Obama’s stop in Berlin yesterday was nothing short of astonishing.

Scottish National Party Wins Glasgow By-Election -- Yesterday’s Glasgow East by-election saw one of Labour’s safest seats, a seat it held for 84 years, fall to the Scottish National Party. In taking the seat, the SNP wiped out Labour’s general election majority of 13,507 to win by 365 votes. Alex Salmond, the SNP’s leader and First Minister of Scotland, said British PM Gordon Brown should either "change his policy or change his job." He’ll do neither, but he should call an election.

Ford Loses $8.7 Billion -- Ford Motor Company issued its quarterly earnings yesterday, and the company lost $8.7 billion, or $3.88 a share. Realizing at long last that SUVs and other light trucks are wasteful when gasoline if the far side of $4 a gallon, Ford has decided to bring 6 small European models to the US market. Three plants are to be retooled in December. One can expect further losses as a result of the delay.

"Hadrian - Empire and Conflict" Opens at British Museum -- A new exhibition opened at the British Museum featuring works of art from the reign of Hadrian, 117 CE to 138 CE. The show brings together 170 items from 11 countries. It is unlikely the world will see its like ever again when the exhibition ends on October 26. According to Reuters, “So delicate are some of them that when it finishes its run in London it will be disbanded and the items sent back home for preservation.”

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