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28 July 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 90
Congress Passes Housing Bill, Bush Will Sign -- The Congress has passed a housing bill that will do much to alleviate the current stress and strain in the housing markets. When Mr. Bush announced he was flip-flopping on the issue and would sign the act, he made one of the better decisions of his administration. While the legislation doesn’t please everyone, it has pragmatically addressed some of the problems America has, and it may well shorten the current economic storms.

China Losing Pollution Fight for Olympics -- China promised clean air for the Summer 2008 Olympic Games as part of its bid to host them. The International Olympic Committee chose Beijing, in part, based on that promise. With the opening ceremony a week from Friday, it looks like draconian measures will be needed, along with some help from the weather, for the air to be breathable.

KKR Announces New IPO Plan -- KKR & Co., the leveraged-buyout firm run by cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts, is going public after all. The company is canceling its original IPO that has been on hold since last year, when the buyout market more or less collapsed. Instead, it will by an Amsterdam-listed fund it set up in 2006, KKR Private Equity Investors LP. Once that’s done, the stock will list on the New York Stock Exchange.

“Dark Knight” is a Batman for Grown-Ups -- Comic books have become a major source of material for Hollywood. Bob Kane’s Batman has been one of the financially more lucrative of the comic book movie franchises. Until now, that financial strength had little to do with the artistry of the story or the acting. “The Dark Knight” is the first of these films to go beyond pulp writing and acting.

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