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4 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 93
Obama Shifts Position on Strategic Petroleum Reserves -- Senator Barack Obama has changed his position on using the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices. Back in July, he said the US shouldn’t do that, “at this point.” Apparently, the country is at another point because the senator has decided to withdraw some of the light crude and replace it with heavy crude.

Terrorists Attack Chinese Police Station -- The opening ceremonies of the Olympics will be Friday, but the games have already been used as a forum to protest the policies of the Chinese government. The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that 16 policemen were killed when attackers rammed a dump truck into a patrol station in China's restive Central Asian border province Monday morning, tossing grenades. The authorities believe it was the work of Muslim extremists, and there will be more before the games end.

JetBlue to Charge for Pillows -- The nickel and diming of the America air traveler continues. The latest news is that JetBlue is going to start charging $7 for an “eco-friendly” travel blanket and pillow that can be purchased on flights longer than two hours. Rising fuel prices are a major concern, but there has to be a way of generating revenue that doesn’t insult the customer’s intelligence.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dies at 89 -- The secret to great literature is to tell the truth. Few people have the personal bravery to put down on paper just what is what. The literary world is poorer this morning because of the death of Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn. He was one of those rare humans who was prepared to tell the truth as he saw it no matter what the price.

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