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8 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 95
Pentagon Frees Guantanamo Detainees According to Nationality by Adam Deutsch -- For two years running, the students and research fellows at Seton Hall Law’s Center for Policy and Research have been analyzing government documents pertaining to the detainees and operations of the detainee camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The most recent report from the Center concludes that the United States Department of Defense has routinely released detainees without regard to their dangerousness or ability to provide information. Going against common sense, it appears the only correlating fact to one’s being released from Guantanamo Bay is their nationality.

Musharraf Will Face Impeachment -- President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has canceled his visit to the Beijing Olympics to fight impeachment proceedings. The ruling coalition composed of the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-N has decided to charge him with having “eroded the trust of the nation.” One might say that began with his 1999 coup d’etat against a legitimately elected government.

Google Offers Free Music in China -- Google may be the bees knees in the US and Europe, but in the People’s Republic of China, the big search engine is Baidu. Since China now has more people on the internet than any country in the world (even if a lot of political sites are blocked), Google obviously wants to break Baidu’s grip. To do that, Google is offering free music in China.

Two Hip-Hop Kids Dance Tchaikovsky on US TV -- Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” is another of those talent shows that have cropped up on American broadcast TV ever since the country got bored with “reality TV.” Much like “American Idol” for singers, the show whittles down the dance troupe until the finale when a single winner is selected. On Wednesday, though, one performance took what is otherwise an adequate dance contest and made it truly artistic. Two young hip-hop dancers with no formal training conquered “Trepak” from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite.”

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