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11 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 96
Edward's Affair: What’s Wrong with US Politics -- Friday, former Senator John Edwards admitted that he had had an affair with a member of his staff in 2006 and had lied about it during his presidential campaign. The pundits are jabbering about it like high school girls with the latest gossip. And that is precisely what is wrong with American politics. What Mr. Edwards has done is taken an irrelevant issue and turned it into a career destroying situation, over something that shouldn’t have been brought up in the first place.

Russia Invades Georgia -- The former KGB men who run the Russian Federation have shown their true colors this week-end. After talks between the Georgian government and separatists of South Ossetia (mostly of Russian ethnicity) resulted in a ceasefire, which Georgia broke on Thursday, Russian troops entered South Ossetia. However, the Russian military hasn’t stopped there. Russia has launched air strikes on the Georgian capital Tblisi, and there are reports that Russian troops are in Georgia proper. The Georgian government has signed a cease-fire deal brokered by France and Finland, but no word yet from Moscow.

PMI Says US House Prices on Two Paths -- Mortgage insurer PMI Group’s latest report on the risk of falling home prices concludes there are “two distinctly different paths.” Actually, there is some improvement in a great many parts of the country. These were the areas least affected by soaring house prices in the first place. The other path is represented by the likes of California and Florida, where PMI says there is more pain ahead.

Olympic Opening Ceremonies a Paean to Chinese Culture -- The Chinese have made it plain that the 2008 Olympics are their coming out party as a great nation (again). In the opening ceremonies, they made it plain that they are prepared to spare no expense in celebration of Chinese culture. Napoleon claimed that China was a sleeping dragon and that it would be best to let it sleep. For better or for worse, the dragon is awake.

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