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13 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 97
Georgian Crisis Illustrates Limits of US Power -- Despite being thoroughly discredited by the Iraq-Namese War, the neo-cons in America have been howling over the “Russo-Georgian War.” America, they claim, must act to save this brave little democracy from the Second Coming of the Soviet Union. As ever, they fail to understand that American power is not infinite and that by defending everything, they defend nothing. Nor do they realize that losing a battle doesn’t mean losing a war.

White House Weakens Endangered Species Act -- While the world was trying to figure out the Russian-Georgian mess and what a cad John Edwards is, the White House announced a “narrow regulatory change” to the Endangered Species Act. If allowed to stand, this change will ensure that more species wind up endangered or even extinct. Federal agencies will now decide whether construction projects endanger wildlife and plants. Up until now, an independent scientific committee made that decision.

Most Firms Paid No Taxes to US -- A new study by the Government Accountability Office came out yesterday that said about 2/3 of corporations operating in the US paid no taxes from 1998 to 2005. In 2005, these firms made collective sales of $2.5 trillion. A great many of these were American startups that wouldn’t pay due to lack of profits. However, in that time period, 68% of foreign controlled firms paid nothing, and none of them could count as startups.

Phelps Keeps Winning Gold -- Runner Paavo Nurmi of Finland, Gymnast Larissa Latynina of the Soviet Union, Swimmer Mark Spitz and Track Star Carl Lewis of the United States all won 9 Olympic gold medals during their careers. By any measure, their achievements are monumental. Then, there is American aquaman Michael Phelps, who has just one his 11th overall. In Beijing, he’s won five golds in five events in five world record times. And he’s only 23.

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