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15 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 98
Draft Iraq-Nam Deal Calls for US Withdrawal in 3 Years -- The British papers yesterday reported that the US and Green Zone governments were close to a deal on the future of US troops in Iraq-Nam, the Status of Forces Agreement [SOFA]. According to reports in both The Times and The Telegraph, part of the deal would call for the US to quit Iraq-Nam in 3 years’ time. Moreover, US forces wouldn’t be able to act unilaterally effective next year. This is almost an acceptable situation.

Russo-Georgian War Shows EU Divisions -- If the Russian response to the Georgian actions in South Ossetia illustrated the limits to Washington’s power, it also cast into question the entire idea of a European Union foreign policy. Washington can’t do much, but Brussels can’t even decide to do anything. For Russia, this is a bigger victory than demonstrating the Bush administration’s inability to influence events.

Eurozone Economies Shrink by 0.2% -- The 15 countries that make up the eurozone saw their aggregate economic activity shrink by 0.2% in the April-June quarter. In the wider European Union, the contraction was just 0.1%. However, the two consecutive quarters of negative growth that defines a formal recession have already occurred in Estonia and possibly in Ireland, where second quarter figures have yet to be released. It looks like it will spread.

Bills-Steelers Game in Toronto Annoys Argonaut Fans -- The American version of football hasn’t really caught on in the rest of the world the way basketball and baseball have. Still, the National Football League keeps trying with games in Japan and at Wembley Stadium in London. Last night, the Buffalo Bills hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers but not in Buffalo. The game was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where the local team is the Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, and the local fans were very annoyed. .

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