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25 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 101
Obama Chooses Biden as VP, Attack Dog -- The Obama campaign played the media masterfully in creating suspense and excitement over the selection of Joe Biden (D-DE) as Senator Obama’s running mate. From here, it appeared a foregone conclusion some time ago, despite hopes that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico would get the job. Mr. Biden is an admirable politician with decades of Washington experience, and he has the spirit of a Doberman in attack mode when necessary.

Zimbabwe’s Parliament Elects Speaker from Opposition MDC -- The Zimbabwean parliament convened earlier today and elected as speaker Lovemore Moyo, chairman of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. The ruling ZANU-PF party didn’t field a candidate but rather backed a candidate from a rival faction of the MDC. It appears that was a move to control parliament that failed, or some have said, backfired.

Investors Pull Funds from Russia -- When the reserves of a nation’s central bank fall, it’s a sign that the markets are getting nervous and investors/speculators are putting their funds elsewhere. After Russia’s lopsided military engagement with Georgia, Russia’s central bank reserves dropped $16.4 billion to $581.1 billion. This seems to be the biggest drop according to the Financial Times “since comparable figures began” in 1998.

Flame Goes out for Beijing Olympics -- The Chinese Communists pulled off a reasonably successful Olympics in the last 16 days. One remembers Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt more than demonstrators whinging about Tibet. As Jacques Rogge, the top dog at the International Olympic Committee, said, “New stars were born. Stars from past Games amazed us again. We shared their joys and their tears, and we marveled at their ability. We will long remember the achievements we witnessed here.”

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