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27 August 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 102
Clinton Backs Obama at Convention -- On the one side were the die-hard Clintonistas, hoping against hope that their candidate could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat after running one of the worst presidential campaigns a front-runner ever ran. On the other side were the Obamaniacs who were convinced it was all a trick to steal the nomination from the man who had earned it. In the end, though, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York backed Senator Barack Obama from Illinois at the Democratic National Convention last night with a solid speech that left no room for wondering.

UK’s Miliband Seeking Anti-Russian Coalition -- Britain’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, is making the rounds trying to put together an anti-Russia coalition to deal with the mess in Georgia. Speaking in Kiev, he said, “The Russian president says he is not afraid of a new cold war. We don’t want one. He has a big responsibility not to start one. We need to raise the costs to Russia for disregarding its responsibility. We need to re-examine the nature, depth and breadth of relations” between the West and Russia. Actually, he’s got the right problem and the wrong solution.

Freddie Mac Sells $2 Billion in Notes -- The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, so stupidly dubbed “Freddie Mac” by Wall Street, sold about $2 billion in debt on Monday. Demand was surprisingly strong, and while Freddie Mac did have to pay a premium on the issue, it is a sign that the recent decline in the company’s stock is just about over.

Notting Hill Carnival Violence Returns -- August Bank Holiday in London means the week-end-long party known as the Notting Hill Carnival. Back in 1976, 250 people including 120 policemen were hurt as the constabulary made repeated baton charges against bottle and brick throwing mobs. By the 1980s, the carnival had become a tamer, safer affair thanks to better music and more tolerance by the police of soft drug use. This year, though, violence made a comeback.

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