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1 October 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 117
House Rejects Financial Bailout Bill -- By a vote of 225-208, the US House of Representatives voted down the “bipartisan” $700 billion rescue package for Wall Street. Just about everyone can take a family-sized portion of blame. That said, this is not a time to panic because some kind of bill will likely be passed before the week-end.

Karzai Asks Saudis to Broker Peace with Taliban -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has contacted the Saudis to see it they can help broker a peace deal with the resurgent Taliban. The Saudis fund much of the Wahabi variety of Islam, which includes the Taliban. Going to their paymasters for peace may be a necessary evil. It is clearly another sign that the Bush administration has failed.

Europe Has to Save Some Banks, Too -- The US banking problem isn’t unique. The Europeans have had to step in to save various of their banks as well. Banks in Iceland, Britain and the Lowlands have either been nationalized or otherwise fixed up in the last couple of days. There could well be more to come.

Mathematicians at UCLA Find 13-Million-Digit Prime Number -- Wall Street has been throwing around some big numbers lately, $700 billion being the most common. However, mathematicians at UCLA have been pushing the boundaries of their field. Using a 75-computer network running Windows XP, they discovered a 13-million-digit prime number. They might have won a $100,000 prize for their efforts.

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