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15 October 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 123
Bush Sinks $250 Billion into Banks -- The free-market-loving Bush administration has just announced the US taxpayer will buy $250 billion worth of equity in nine banks. Reports are some of the banks had to be pressured into the sale by the Treasury. At least, when Mr. Bush announced the move yesterday morning he addressed “My fellow Americans,” rather than “Comrades.”

Canadians Give Harper More Seats -- Canadians went to the polls yesterday and gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives 16 more seats in the House of Commons. However, they denied him an outright majority. Turnout was low at just over 59%.

Iceland Asks Russia for a Loan -- Iceland is in some financial trouble. Its currency has fallen relative to the euro by about 25%, making imports more expensive than they already were. It has had to nationalize a bank or two. It has had to close its stock market, and when it allowed trading to resume yesterday, the OMX Iceland 15 index plummeted 2,326 points to 678, shedding 77% of its value. So, to help things along Iceland has sent a delegation to a large nation to negotiate a loan, to Russia.

Ringo Says No More Fan Mail -- Ringo Starr seems to be losing his grip on reality. He has announced he will no longer sign memorabilia and will throw away all fan mail unopened. “I'm warning you with peace and love I have too much to do,” the 68-year-old drummer said. That seems unlikely. Who's asked for a Ringo autograph lately?

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