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20 October 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 125
General Powell Endorses Senator Obama -- On “Meet the Press” yesterday, Colin Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President. This is as important an endorsement as Mr. Obama is going to get this year. General Powell is as well-respected and admired by Democrats and independents as any Republican in America. In calling the Illinois senator a “transformational figure,” General Powell may have swayed many undecideds to the Obama banner.

Five New Nations Win UN Security Council Seats -- On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly voted on which members will take 5 of the 10 rotating seats on the Security Council. The elected nations are Turkey, Austria, Japan, Mexico and Uganda. They replace Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Panama and South Africa in January. What's interesting is who wasn't elected, Iran and Iceland.

China's Economic Growth Slows --The Chinese economy is starting to feel the effects of the global credit crunch. For the third straight quarter, its rate of economic growth has slowed. However, China is currently a long way from being in a recession. Despite the slower growth, the economy still is expanding at a rate of 9%.

Tampa Beats Boston for World Series Berth -- The Tampa Bay Rays of the American League have had a truly astonishing turn around. Last night, they beat the Boston Red Sox in game seven of the American League Championship Series. Having gone from worst to first in a single year, their next challenge is to beat the Philadelphia Phillies, who have their own small curse to overcome. It isn't the Chicago series this journal expected, but it does have some promise.

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