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5 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 132
Obama's Democrats Crush McCain's Republicans -- President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. No verb is necessary. In addition, the Democratic Party picked up at least 15 seats in the House of Representatives (11 more have to be decided), and at least 5 in the Senate (four more are undetermined). Of the 11 governorships contested, the Democrats won 7. America has ended the Reagan Era, and the nation is a different, better place than it was yesterday.

China and Taiwan Sign Landmark Deal -- The People's Republic of China and the plain old Republic of China, also known as Taiwan, have signed a very important deal designed to diffuse tensions along the China Straits. Their agreement increases charter flights between the two by a factor of 3, sixty cargo flights per month will be allowed, and direct postal links are to speed delivery times. It isn't a resolution of the main problem, who runs China, but it makes war much less likely.

Carmakers Lose Billions as Sales Plummet -- The auto companies are in for bad time if the credit markets don't get better quickly. Last month was the worst sales month sold since January 1992 with only 838,000 vehicles. On an annualized basis, the industry is in the worst sales position it has seen since February 1983. Detroit is begging for aid and thinking about mergers.

Studs Terkel Dies at 96 -- The best American journalist since H.L. Mencken died last week. In all the excitement about the campaign, many may have missed the departure of Louis ?Studs? Terkel of Chicago and the world. He was 96. He was the kind of journalist who is very rare in the US these days, a guy who wore out shoes looking for a story rather than attending a press conference.

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