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10 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 134
Dean to Step Down as DNC Boss -- Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has announced he is stepping down as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He's said this before, but after the election of President Obama, he's quitting while he's ahead. The position will be filled by one of Mr. Obama's loyalists.

New Zealand Elects New PM -- After nine years. New Zealand has voted Helen Clark out of office, and John Keys of the National Party will be the new prime minister. He secured 45% of the vote with Ms. Clark's Labour Party trailing with only 34%. Mr. Keys is now negotiating a coalition with the right-wing ACT party and centrist United Future.,and he intends to include the Maori Party as well. He could be sworn in as early as next week.

China Announces Stimulus Package -- The People's Republic of China has announced an economic stimulus package of its own, amounting to almost $600 billion. The government will spend it on housing, earthquake reconstruction, and infrastructure development. In addition, the powers that be have promised an eased monetary policy and lower corporate taxation. The Chinese economy is still steaming along at a 9% annual growth rate, and the package is designed to counteract lessened demand for Chinese goods abroad.

Monks Fight at Church of the Holy Sepulcher -- In another case of “one can't make it up,” monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem got into a fist fight over the week-end. Followers of the Prince of Peace went at each other, and eventually the Israeli police came into break up the brawl. Both sides blamed each other for the violence, naturally.

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