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14 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 136
Boehner Demands Fed ID Loan Recipients -- House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio has issued a prepared statement demanding that the Federal Reserve disclose just who got how much of the almost $2 trillion in emergency loans. Mr. Boehner is quite a ways to the right, and this journal finds much of his political platform too reactionary for polite dinner conversation. In this matter, however, he is as close to perfect in his views as is humanly possible.

Royal Navy Repels Pirate Attack -- The headline is one that might have appeared in the very first edition of The Times. However, it comes from the news of 2008. On Tuesday, Britain's Ministry of Defence confirmed that crew-members of the HMS Cumberland shot dead two suspected Somali pirates while trying to board their dhow. A third man, a Yemeni national, later died of wounds received in the incident. A tot of rum for the entire crew is in order.

US Backpedals on Bank Bailout -- US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson spoke for about an hour yesterday, claiming the situation in the financial markets is better than a few weeks ago. Then, he admitted that buying up the bad debts of US banks was a bad idea. He bought himself some wiggle room by adding that the Treasury and the Fed might revisit the idea in the future if bad-debt purchases could “play a useful part” later on. For now, the Treasury will simply buy a stake in some banks to improve the balance sheet.

Fake New York Times Hits Street -- On Wednesday, a special edition of the New York Times hit the streets that announced the end of the war in Iraq-Nam. Commuters received the 14-page special edition for free. Only it wasn't really the NYT. One could tell because the date was July 4, 2009 and because there weren't any Macy's ads. Instead, it was a liberal wish list from The Yes Men, Code Pink, Improv Everywhere, The Anti Advertising Agency and a few others.

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