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19 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 137
Lieberman Keeps Homeland Security Chairmanship -- On a vote of 42-13, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) kept the chairmanship of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee. He had worked extremely hard to elect John McCain president, and as a result, many on the left wanted him punished. President-Elect Barack Obama, however, wisely decided to use the carrot rather than the stick, and the Senate Democrats followed suit.

Indian Navy Sinks Pirate Mothership -- An Indian navy frigate has sunk a pirate “mothership” in the Gulf of Aden. With the pirates on the East African coast taking over a supertanker earlier this week, one began to wonder if the good guys had a prayer. The INS Tabar showed that they do.

Big 3 Beg Congress for $25 Billion -- The bosses of America's remaining car companies are on Capitol Hill pleading for a bailout. With $700 billion pledged to fix the financial sector, they figure there must be $25 billion for them. Congress, though, seems reluctant to give them the dough. The Big 3 are threatening bankruptcy if they don't get it, and many on the Hill are fine with that.

Bud American Ale Actually Tastes of Something -- Anheuser Busch is best known for making Budweiser, the most renowned beer in America. Bud also has very little taste. For years, the big breweries have tried to convince Americans that their product is the best possible. The sales of imported beer suggests otherwise. Now, Budweiser American Ale has hit the market and it turns out that Americans can brew decent beer after all.

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