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21 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 138
Judge Orders 5 Gitmo Prisoners Freed -- In 2001, six Algerians were captured in Bosnia and accused of plotting to blow up the US embassy there. The US government then dropped that charge while keeping the men in Guantanamo. The pretext for their continued imprisonment was an accusation that they were planning to go to Afghanistan to fight against the US and its NATO allies there. Yesterday, Judge Richard Leon, appointed by the current president to the bench, ordered 5 of the men freed.

Islamists Declare War on Pirates -- Regular readers will know that this journal has a particular dislike of fundamentalism of any variety, and of certain religious types in particular. Additionally, there is little affection here for thieves, swindlers and pirates. So,one has an odd feeling about a recent report from Somalia. The local franchise of Islamic fundamentalists has started a war against the pirates preying on ships off the Horn of Africa. If Churchill could stomach Stalin, then one will accept these allies

US Gas Dips Below $2 a Gallon -- This morning, the American Automobile Association released its survey of US gasoline prices. It's now official; a gallon of regular will set a driver back only $1.989. In Independence, Missouri, there are stations selling it for $1.37 a gallon. That sounds like good news for Americans, but as most economists know, one doesn't get a silver lining without a dark cloud.

Obama Boost Chicago's Olympic Bid -- President-Elect Barack Obama has stayed out of the financial crisis noting that he isn't president yet and that someone else still has responsibility for the country. However, in his new position as most-powerful-man-in-the-world-in-waiting, he has thrown a bit of his weight around. He has just told the Eurpean Olympic Committees that Chicago ought to host the 2016 games. Having a hometown president may just do the trick for the Windy City. .

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