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24 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 139
Bush Presses for Free Trade at Summit -- President Bush attended his last scheduled summit at the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Lima, Peru over the week-end. Trotting out the same tired cliches about free-trade, it appears that his administration will end without having learned anything. Yes, free trade is a desirable goal in the long term, but how the world gets there matters. His ideological brethren have never figured that out.

Chavez Wins Electoral Challenge -- Venezuela's Castro-wannabe leader, Hugo Chavez, scored a victory in local elections by holding onto most of the governorships in the country. At the same time, the opposition did make some gains. What is most pleasing about the situation, to the extent there is anything good to say, is that the election appeared to have been fair and free. Mr. Chavez doesn't quite have the Castro part down pat just yet.

Citi Saved by Uncle Sam -- Citigroup, which almost went bust back in the 1980s with too many bad Latin American loams on the books, appears to have learned little in the last quarter of a century. It has had to negotiate a deal with the US government to save it from all the bad loans currently on its books. The only difference this time is the debtors appear to be Yankees rather than South Americans.

Beavers Re-Introduced to Scotland -- Nature's engineer, the beaver, is usually considered a Canadian animal. Indeed, part of the allure of the Great White North for early settlers was the abundance of the beaver, and its fur. However, up until 400 years ago, the beaver was also indigenous to Britain. Demand for beaver fur resulted in them being hunted to extinction. This week, four families of the dam builders arrived from Telemark, Norway, as part of a program to return the beaver to Britain. .

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