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28 November 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 141
Green Zone Parliament Approves US Troop Deal -- The Iraq-Namese parliament has approved the Status of Forces Agreement that the Green Zone government negotiated with the US. This agreement allows US troops to legally continue to operate in the country when the UN mandate under which they have operated thus far expires at year's end. The only fly in the ointment is the opponents of the deal have secured a referendum on the agreement that is slated for the middle of next year.

Terror Hits Mumbai -- For the past two days, the Indian city of Mumbai `has been the site of several, synchronized terrorist attacks. Gunmen appeared in the city, arriving by rubber speedboat, and immediately went after a couple hotels, a train station and several other places where westerners might be found. The death toll is approaching 150, and some of the perpetrators have been taken alive. This “new face of terrorism,” as one analyst called it, is much more terrifying than suicide bombers because this takes planning, money and training. These guys are pros.

Icahn Increases Yahoo Stake -- Multi-billionaire Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Yahoo in the past week. According to SEC filings, he spent about $67 million on more shares of the struggling internet giant. He picked up 6.8 million extra shares to bring his total holding to 75.6 million shares, or about 5.5% of the company. Clearly, he wants a bigger voice in choosing the successor to Jerry Yang, the outgoing CEO and co-founder.

Marbury Declines to Play for Knicks -- Stephon Marbury is getting $20.8 million a year from the New York Knicks to play basketball. That's a fine salary for doing just about anything, but to receive it playing a kid's game is quite an arrangement. Moreover, to have that coming in despite underachieving one's entire career is astounding. Yet, “Starbury” has declined to play twice in the last week or so because he is unhappy. Perhaps a lawsuit for breach of contract would cheer him up. .

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