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1 December 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 142
Obama Picks Senator Clinton for State -- The worst kept secret in Washington these past few weeks has been Barack Obama's choice of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. His one-time rival for the presidency is now his lieutenant in foreign policy. It is a wise choice both from a political and practical standpoint. Mrs. Clinton's political career is likely to end here, and so will the Clinton dynasty.

Obama Says South Asia is Biggest Threat -- President-Elect Obama today said that South Asian terrorism represents the biggest threat to the US. He added that he is “absolutely committed” to beating it. He indicated that India, a victim of an horrendous attack last week, will get all the support the US can provide, and Pakistan, India's rival, has nothing to fear from America's new focus. It is a promising move.

Death Sentence for Shopping -- If America's original sin was slavery, materialism was a close second. When George III's Redcoats landed on Staten Island to suppress the rebellion, the troops were unanimous in their assessment of local conditions -- the Americans were rich. Having stuff is part and parcel of the American way. This past Friday, people died because of this fixation.

CNN Heroes Awards Show is Brilliant -- Awards shows are usually unimportant extravaganzas designed to make frail artistic egos a bit happier while showing off couture none can afford. However, CNN has put together an awards show that is truly awesome in the original sense of the word, inspiring awe. Its “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” celebrates people who are, to put it bluntly, better than the rest of mankind.

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