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8 December 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 144
Obama Outlines Economic Plan -- In his weekly radio address on Saturday, President-Elect Barack Obama outlined his plan to salvage what remains of the American economy. While his team of advisers have to flesh out the details, he was specific enough in the few minutes he spoke to reassure those who understand economics that he won't pursue foolish spending projects. Instead, he's backing smart investments.

World Leaders Turn on Mugabe -- Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe, has finally started to lose the last shreds of support from the world community. After destroying his nation's agricultural sector, no one thought he should go. After stealing a couple of elections, no one thought he should go. After creating hyperinflation of 100,000% and more, no one thought he should go. Now that people are dying of cholera in Zimbabwe, some finally are talking about getting the old fascist out of office.

Fired Workers Occupy Chicago Factory -- Up until Friday, Republic Windows and Doors assembled vinyl windows and sliding doors in Chicago. It is now out of business. However, about 250 employees (or ex-employees) are still in the factory. They say the owners and management owe them, and they aren't leaving until they get what's theirs.

Economic Woes Hit Broadway -- The Great White Way is looking a bit less grand these days as the economy starts to weigh on New York's theatrical community. No fewer than ten productions are scheduled to close after the holidays. Moreover, they won't all be replaced. Furthermore, the replacements are not all new shows but include revivals of tried and true plays to reduce the producers' risks.

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