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17 December 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 147
Vice President Confesses to War Crimes -- Say what one likes about Vice President Dick Cheney, he doesn't give a fig what anyone else thinks of him. He seems to believe that the opinions of others don't matter and that he is invincible. That is the only interpretation one can make of interview on ABC with Jonathan Karl, the one in which the vice president confesses to being a war criminal.

Physician Convicted in Glasgow Bombings -- In June of last year, a Jeep with numerous gasoline cans and gas canisters smashed into the terminal at Glasgow International Airport. The car bomb failed to go off, and the two men inside tossed gasoline bombs. Eventually, they were overpowered by the airport police and baggage handler John Smeaton. One of them died of burns suffered in the attack shortly thereafter. The other, Bilal Abdulla, received a 32-year sentence yesterday at Woolwich Crown Court. Sadder still, the man is a doctor who works in Britain's National Health Service.

Fed Funds Rate Range Slashed to 0-0.25% -- The US Federal Reserve yesterday cut the Fed Funds Rate to a range of 0-0.25% from 1%. It can't really go any lower, so that means further cuts, the prime tool used to energize an economy, are no longer available. The Fed can use its balance sheet to buy up mortgage backed securities and bonds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and it has promised to do this. Nevertheless, America in 2008 is looking a lot like Japan in the 1990s.

GotchaBox Gifts Keep Christmas in Perspective -- Finding the right gift for certain people is always a trial this time of year. It isn't that they are difficult to please so much as what would please them isn't very full of Yuletide cheer. There is a certain satire or cynicism in their “Happy Holidays” greeting. The good people at The Onion, the world's best fake news source after Fox, have launched that has all kinds of goodies for these not-quite-Grinches.

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