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22 December 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 149
Time for America to Elect All Senators -- If Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State by the US Senate, her senate seat will fall vacant as a person may not serve in both the legislature and the executive. Under New York's constitution, the governor will appoint someone to serve out the remainder of the term, and several people are not quite campaigning for the job including Caroline Kennedy. This is preposterous for a democracy in the 21st century; a special election is the only reasonable way to fill such a seat.

Vladivostok Riots over Car Tariffs -- The Russian car industry is wobbling, and so, the Medvedev-Putin regime has increased the tariff on car imports. Vladivostok on the Pacific Coast is the port of entry for most Japanese and Korean cars. The increased tariff has hit the local economy particularly hard. Some people make a living driving cars from Vladivostok to the western part of Russia to sell them. The people have taken to the streets, and riot police arrived from Moscow 5,800 miles away to crack heads.

Canada Gives Car Makers Loans -- Saving GM, Chrysler and Ford isn't just an American issue. Because of the geography of the Great Lakes region and because of US-Canadian history, a great many jobs in Canada depend on those firms as well as a great many in the US. One day after President Bush announced he was tapping the financial industry bailout funds to help Detroit, Canada's government announced a smaller but quite similar loan package.

Penn Shines as Harvey Milk -- Sean Penn has come a long way since “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Arguably, his body of work thus far is the most diverse and elegant of any American actor of his generation. In his latest, “Milk,” he plays the role of Harvey Milk, insurance man turned gay rights activist and politician. Once again, Mr. Penn brought his “A” game.

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