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5 January 2009


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Latest Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 2
Richardson Bows out of Commerce Job -- Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has withdrawn his name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce. An investigation into a company that donated money to some of his causes later won some state business. The investigation may go on a while, impeding Mr. Richardson's work at Commerce. So, he has opted to put country first and stay in Santa Fe.

Israel Sends Troops Into Gaza -- Not content with bombing the Gaza Strip from the air, the Israelis have sent ground troops into the enclave to root out Hamas militants. Quite how the Israelis expect to succeed is hard to say. Gaza is an urban guerrilla's Disneyland and an occupier's Hell. This appears to be a case of “do something even if it's wrong.”

Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to EU via Ukraine -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has cut the natural gas supplies to the EU going by way of Ukraine. The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has accused Ukraine of siphoning off about 50 million cubic meters a day for itself. That is about 1/6 of what passed through Ukraine to western Europe. To make up for the alleged loss Gazprom has orders to reduce all gas passing though Ukraine by 65.3 million cubic meters daily. This is the Russian gas weapon in action.

"Slumdog Millionaire" Avoids Most Bollywood Cliches -- “Slumdog Millionaire” is the tale of a poor Indian youth who gets on the local version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The story of his life in the bone-crushing poverty of Mumbai's slums is revealed through the answers to the game's questions. Accused of cheating, he has to convince the police that he really did know the answers. It is a good tale told well.

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