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2 February 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 6
GOP Elects Steele RNC Chairman -- On Friday, the Republican National Committee elected former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as the Committee's chairman. He takes over at a time of great flux in the GOP and in the conservative movement in the US. His mission is to revive the party's fortunes in time for the 2010 or 2012 elections. It may well be mission impossible

Iraq-Namese Vote in Provincial Elections -- On Saturday, the Iraq-Namese people went to the polls in provincial elections. These should have been held back in October, but the government postponed them because it couldn't enact the legislation to hold them on time. As it turned out, they could have been put off a few more months without anyone noticing. A slim majority of voters, 7.5 million out of 14 million eligible, cast a ballot. It would appear that the voters there are already developing one of the hallmarks of a developed democracy, an apathetic electorate.

Netflix and McDonald's Profits Rise -- If one were to believe every bad scenario coming out of Wall Street, one would have to conclude that the apocalypse is nigh. Of course, that misses the one basic truth about a capitalist market system one man's disaster is another's opportunity. In the case of today's reverse wealth effect, cheap food and entertainment are prospering, at least if one judges by the fourth quarter earnings from Netflix and McDonald's.

Steelers Win Most Entertaining Super Bowl Ever -- Super Bowl XLIII (the NFL's pompous way of advertising it) was something most of its predecessors were not, entertaining to the end. With just seconds to go, the Arizona Cardinal's porous defense let the Pittsburgh Steelers sneak back into the lead. For once, the game was good enough to make the halftime show and the commercials secondary to the game itself.

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