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Week of 6 April 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 13
World Over-Reacts to Failed North Korean Missile Launc -- North Korea, probably the worst country in the entire world, sent a rocket up over the week-end that was supposed to put an satellite in orbit. According to the North Koreans, the satellite is circling the earth playing revolutionary anthems. According to just about everybody else, the satellite isn't in orbit, and the missile launch was just a huge provocation. The UN held an emergency meeting yesterday to consider action. The world is over-reacting just a bit. [April 6]

Gates Wants Better Spending at Pentagon -- Yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates laid out his budget proposal for defense spending for fiscal year 2010. He's going to cut spending on the entirely unnecessary F-22 fighter, mothball purchases of new presidential helicopters, and instead, he's going to buy more of the low-tech weaponry needed for the two wars in which America finds itself. He can expect opposition from defense contractors whose gravy train will be affected. Nevertheless, it is a worthy approach to defending the country. [April 7]

Ireland's Emergency Budget Offers Bank Bailout -- The Irish are famous for quite a few things. Tenors and poets spring to mind along with stout and whiskey. Gambling, though, is not associated with the Emerald Isle, except for horse racing. Yet the government of Ireland is laying a huge wager on fixing its banks as part of an emergency budget. Government debt will soar, and the nation's ability to service that debt is doubtful. [April 8]

Leno Gives Free Shows in Battered Detroit -- Jay Leno, the American late-night comedian and talk show host, gave two free performances in Detroit earlier this week. For almost an hour and a half, he riffed on on everything from cars to presidents. “The idea is just come on down, hopefully forget your troubles for a while, other people are in the same boat as you are and maybe take some of the weight off, that's all," Mr. Leno told reporters. He's proven himself a class act. [April 9]

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