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Week of 27 April 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 15
The World Over-Reacts to Swine Flu -- An outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has the world in a tizzy. Over 150 people have died there, and thanks to international air travel, it is spreading. The World Health Organization has moved the threat level to 4 out of a possible 6. The press is in a feeding frenzy since nothing sells papers like life-threatening disease. The trouble is that everyone is over-reacting to what is a relatively minor health problem. [April 27]

Harry Dresden Returns in Eleventh Book -- Jim Butcher has invented one of the most entertaining characters in science fiction and fantasy with Harry Dresden, professional wizard. Unlike Gandalf of Middle Earth, Harry Dresden operates in modern day Chicago aiding the police with those X-File type cases that crop up. As the series grew in popularity, the Sci-Fi Channel produced a short-run program, “The Dresden Files,” a most watchable and noble effort. Harry returns now in an 11th book, Turn Coat, and Mr. Butcher hasn't lost his touch. It made number 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. [April 28]

Senator Specter Switches to Democrats -- Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a moderate by most measures, finally had enough of the rightist Republican leadership. Yesterday, he switched to the Democratic Party. In so doing, he has put the Democrats within a single vote of a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate; Al Franken of Minnesota will be that other vote once the courts are done adjudicating the legal challenge to his election. The move illustrates just how far along the fragmentation of the Reagan coalition has gone. [April 29]

Chrysler Probably Headed for Bankruptcy Today -- US automaker Chrysler LLC appears to be heading for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as early as today. Its major creditors appear to be willing to write off much of the $7 billion in debt they are owed, but some hedge funds don't like the strings the Treasury is attaching to a rescue package. These guys think they'll get a better deal in bankruptcy court. However, Chapter 11 may not be the end of the company as it could clear the way for a Fiat buyout with support of the United Auto Workers. [April 30]

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