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Week of 25 May 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 19
New Star Trek Film Honors the Original Series -- The new Star Trek film has been out a couple of weeks, now, and after the hype has died down, it's worth a dispassionate discussion. The film deals with the creation of the crew of the Enterprise in The Original Series [TOS to fanatics]. Actors have faced the challenge of taking one iconic roles without doing mere impersonation, the special effects people have easily out shown the TV show, and the problems with time-travel science fiction stories remain. It is a fine film, but one feels it was over-hyped. [May 25]

North Korea Tests Second Nuke -- Over the week-end, North Korea set off another nuclear bomb, testing a device about as strong at the Hiroshima Bomb at an underground test site near the city of Kilju. The sociopathocracy followed this up with a few missile launches to keep it neighbors in a state of suitable nervousness. President Obama and the rest of the world fussed appropriately, but no one has figured out the real solution to the Pyongyang problem. China holds all the cards, and when Taiwan gets a nuke, Beijing will have to play ball. [May 26]

Sotomayor's Nomination Gives GOP Headache -- President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to fill the Supreme Court seat Justice Souter is leaving has given the GOP a political headache. On the one hand, the Republicans want to prevent a non-conservative from taking the seat. On the other, resisting the appointment will cost them mightily in the hispanic community. [May 27]

Economic Reasons to be Cheerful -- The late British musician Ian Drury recorded a song called “Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3,” and it was just a list of things that made him feel good about life. Given the current state of flux in the global economy, it is appropriate to make a similar list of positive factors that have emerged of late. One, of course, probably needn't sing through said list. [May 28]

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