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Week of 1 June 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 20
Chelsea Wins FA Cup -- It has been a good week for fans of Chelsea FC. First off, Manchester United got their backsides kicked by Barcelona (Spain's only team) in the Champions' League final. Then, Chelsea won the FA Cup by beating Everton (the Tory team from Liverpool) 2-1 in the final there. While the Premiership title went to Man U, Chelsea can still count this year's campaign as victorious. [June 1]

General Motors Goes Bust -- General Motors, maker of Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac, filed for bankruptcy yesterday. After 75 consecutive years as the world's biggest car company, GM finally admitted market defeat and ran up the white flag. While gas prices and consumer excess are largely at fault, GM failed to produce cars and trucks that actually worked right. The test is simple enough; close the door on a Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen and then, see if a Buick can make that sound. It can't. Selling fantasies eventually loses out to selling machines that work. [June 2]

Hazel Blears Quits British Cabinet -- Britain must hold a general election no later than a year from today. Tomorrow, the nation will vote in local and European elections. Things don't look good for the ruling Labour government if the opinion polls are accurate. However, the resignation of communities secretary Hazel Blears from the cabinet earlier today has opened up the question of the party's future leadership. It may well be that Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was right when he said, “Labour is finished.” [June 3]

Obama Addresses Muslim World in Cairo Speech -- President Barack Hussein Obama made a speech earlier today in Cairo addressing the Muslims of the world. Everyone knows that the man can speechify, and the script today was exceedingly well-crafted. From the cheers at the beginning when he gave the traditional Arabic greeting assalaamu alaykum to the final words, “And may God’s peace be upon you,” he hit just about every emotional note needed. His substance covered several main points that need to be addressed at much greater length than a 45-minute speech. Yet as he himself acknowledged, actions are more important than words. [June 4]

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