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Week of 15 June 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 22
Ahmadinejad Claims Victory in Disputed Iranian Election -- Iranian President Mahmoud “Madman” Ahmadinejad claimed victory in Friday's presidential election in Iran. According to elections officials, he snagged 63% of the vote, with second-place finisher Hossein Mousavi garnering just 34%. Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, at first backed the officials, but street protests and simple arithmetic got him to reverse his position. He has ordered the Guardian Council (the real government) to investigate charges of vote-rigging. It will be for naught, as the mullahs want President Ahmadinejad to continue in office. He is, for them, a useful idiot. [June 15]

Obama Offers AMA His Healthcare Reform Ideas -- President Obama spoke to the American Medical Association yesterday to outline his healthcare reform ideas. He managed to annoy the free-marketeers whose ideology costs Americans dollars and lives, bothered the hard left that wants a government payer system, and unsettled doctors who believe that the Hypocratic Oath entitles them to four-car garages. In fact, he has a pragmatic approach that might just work, but it makes just about everyone unhappy. [June 16]

Housing Bounces Back, but It's a Long Way from Fixed -- The economic problems of the US stem from two sources, financial stupidity and housing idiocy. There is some good news statistically of late, but the truth is, housing can't be the basis of an economy because it doesn't actually generate any income. Housing prices rise due to inflation not due to any economic growth. Nevertheless, construction of new homes jumped 17% in May to an annual rate of 532,000, according to the Commerce Department. That was up from the record low of 454,000 homes in April. Applications for new home permits also rose 4% to an annual rate of 518,000 units. The US has seen the bottom, but it is a long way from being healthy again. [June 17]

BBC 2's Jeremy Vines Looks at Thatcher and Music -- Culturally, Britain in the early 1980s was a watershed. As Billy Bragg, a living Crown Jewel, sang, "Which side are you on?" Mrs. Thatcher took on a system that needed change, but like most conservatives, she knew the cost of everything and the value of nothing. She destroyed the working-class North and put an entire generation out of work. Thirty years on, it's hard to remember just how bad it was, but those who survived, and even thrived, have been given a gift by Jeremy Vines documentary on BBC Radio 2 "Stand Down Margaret." It will be available for only a few more days on the 'net, so get there ASAP.

[June 18]

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