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Week of 29 June 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 24
Honduras President Ousted in Good Old Fashioned Coup -- The army of Honduras, a bunch of yahoos that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag let alone beat a half-strength Brooklyn street gang, toppled the president of that country over the week-end. President Jose Manuel Zelaya argues that he is still the leader of that country, but he does so from Costa Rica. It's just like the good old days during the Cold War, except no one outside Honduras cares who leads. [June 29]

US Troops Leave Iraq-Namese Cities -- The US Army is officially leaving Iraq-Namese cities today. For the next 18 months, the doughboys will be stuck in bases far from the urban areas of Mesopotamia before coming home once and for all (or at least, before going to Afghanistan). The people of Iraq-Nam are celebrating "National Sovereignty Day," an insult to the Americans who believe that the almost 5,000 Yankee dead died to save Iraq-Nam from itself. For those with a better grip on reality, today marks the end of a war that never should have been fought for a cause no one can understand in a place few could find on a map. There will be more violence in Iraq-Nam, but it won't be directed at Americans. [June 30]

Madoff Gets 150 Years for Ponzi Scheme -- Bernie Madoff got a 150-year sentence yesterday for his vicious and evil Ponzi scheme that bankrupted many clients. Under federal rules, he will have to serve 80% of that time, meaning that he can get out in 2129. Given that he is 71, this is a life sentence and then some. The question is whether it is enough. [July 1]

Remember Jackson the Artist, Not the Man -- Michael Jackson's death last week was a sad event. A great artist has passed, his children's futures are unsure, and his family are left without a brother and son. His comeback tour won't happen, and it's hard to say what his musical legacy could have been. Yet, the passing of the King of Pop says more about the society in which he lived than it does about his life. Frankly, there is a twisted bunch of ghouls out there. [July 2]

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