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Week of 7 September 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 27
Closed Minds Want to Prevent Kids from Hearing President's School Speech -- Tomorrow, President Obama will address the nation's school kids in a televised speech. Some parents are up in arms over this, and some school districts have caved into their demand to prevent the kids from hearing him. They fear he will use this platform to twist their young minds toward a public option in health care, toward a socialist/communist/fascist outlook. This is further evidence of the closing of the American mind and proof positive that some people shouldn't have children. [September 7]

Wall Street is Securitizing Life Insurance Policies -- The current recession stems from the inability and unwillingness of Wall Street to manage the risks inherent in the securitization of mortgages, both residential and commercial. Now, the new rage is the securitization of life insurance policies. While it may look like the folks at the investment banks haven't learned a thing, the fact is that life insurance policies are better candidates for securitization than mortgages because of a greater amount actuarial experience and greater regulation of life policies. [September 8]

"Civil War" Breaks out in Italian Government -- Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's Prime Minister and richest man, appears to have some trouble with his political ally Gianfranco Fini, the Speaker of the lower house of parliament. Mr. Berlusconi's family owns the newspaper Il Giornale, which just ran an editorial attacking Mr. Fini. The new editor of the newspaper, Vittorio Feltri, wrote addressing Mr Fini directly, "You are being used by the Left. Turn back to the Right, otherwise you risk becoming even more ridiculous than you have often appeared in recent times." Mr. Fini's supporters are livid, and opposition leaders are talking about "the beginning of the end" of Mr. Berlusconi's government. [September 9]

Obama Makes His Pitch for Health Care Reform -- Despite the fact that nothing that occurred in August changed the vote count in Congress on health care reform, President Obama's speech on that subject last night was cast as a make-or-break performance. By now, the world should know that when he needs a speech to succeed he's the best orator of his generation (and a few others as well). A CNN poll noted a 14% swing toward his position after the speech. He said at the opening of his address, "I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last." A deft turn of phrase, but if his plan gets passed, another president 10-20 years from now will have some work to do in this area. [September 10]

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