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Week of 21 September 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 29
FBI, Police Foil Al Qaeda Plot in Colorado and New York -- News broke last week that the FBI and New York Police Department had foiled an Al-Qaeda terror attack on New York. The alleged mastermind Najibullah Zazi of Aurora, Colorado, was questioned most of last week, but he wasn't and arrested until Saturday. He, his father and a Queens, New York-based Muslim preacher are all charged with lying to federal agents who were in the course of a criminal investigation. It's a lame charge, but it allows the government to hold the suspects while it comes up with evidence of something really serious. The authorities are claiming this was "the real deal," but closer inspection of the government's case suggests that this is just another Keystone Kops attempt at jihad. [September 21]

Ousted President Zelaya Returns to Honduras -- Back on June 28, the Honduran military woke President Jose Manuel Zelaya and put him on a plane out of the country still wearing his pajamas. Naturally, the coupsters claimed they were acting to protect the constitution of the nation and the liberties of the people. Mr. Zelaya's crime was trying to hold a non-binding referendum to allow longer terms in office that the legislature and supreme court had ruled was illegal. Yesterday, Mr. Zelaya appeared in his trademark white cowboy hat on the grounds of the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, waving to hundreds of supporters. Something is about to hit the fan if the coupsters don't find a way to bend with the prevailing political winds. [September 22]

House Votes to Extend Unemployment Benefits for 13 More Weeks -- The House of Representatives voted 331-83 yesterday to extend funding of unemployment payments for a further 13 weeks for ex-workers whose benefits were about to run out. This affects 1 million people currently out of work in 29 states with high rates of unemployment, and it will cost Uncle Sam $1.4 billion. Deferring a scheduled reduction in unemployment insurance tax paid by employers should cover the cost. This is the only bail-out the average American is likely to get out of the government, and it illustrates just how severe this recession is. [September 23]

Lindsay's Fourth Dexter Morgan Book Gets Series Back on Track, Mostly -- Jeff Lindsay, pen name of Jeffry P. Freundlich, has created one of the more interesting creatures of mystery fiction with Dexter Morgan. As fans of the Showtime series "Dexter" know, Morgan works for the Miami Police Department as a blood splatter forensics expert. He is also a serial killer who murderers when the system fails. In the latest book, Dexter by Design, Lindsay returns from a flirtation with the occult that made the third book in the series, Dexter in the Dark, a disappointment. While the newest doesn't quite measure up to the first two, it appears to have put the series back where it belongs. [September 24]

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