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Week of 16 November 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 37
Al Qaeda Terrorists to Stand Trial in New York -- The Obama administration moved a step closer to giving the victims of the Al Qaeda Murders of September 11, 2001, the justice they have thus far been denied with a decision on Friday to try the surviving ringleaders in New York City. They will face the death penalty, and if found guilty and sentenced to such, this journal recommends having the condemned spend a night with members of the New York Fire Department. There wouldn't be enough left to bury. Naturally, the Republican Party big shots are complaining that this undermines American security. One must remember that the murders took place on their watch, and they bear responsibility for the failure to stop the attacks. [November 16]

Afghanistan, Iraq-Nam Among World's Most Corrupt Nations -- Transparency International is a non-governmental international body dedicated to stamping out corruption around the world. One of its tools in the fight is shining a spot light on the behaviors in 180 different countries in its annual report, the Corrupt Perceptions Index. There appears to be a correlation between development and transparency, or if one prefers between backwardness and corruption. What is rather disturbing for American readers is the very poor showings of Afghanistan (second worst) and Iraq-Nam (tied with Sudan for fourth worst). All that American blood and treasure has gone for naught. [November 17]

Mummy Scan Shows Modern Diet is Not Always to Blame -- Among the most foolish of ideas is the belief that somehow the ancients had things figured out better than modern man. One freely admits those who have gone before did a great deal when the whole civilization idea took off. Yet by and large, things have never been better than they are now, or at least, they aren't any worse. Consider for example, the modern human diet of Cheese Whiz and high fructose corn syrup, popularly believed to cause hardening of the arteries, A recent study of Egyptian mummies shows that an entire society of nonsmokers whose every bite was unprocessed food and who had no choice but to walk almost everywhere still suffered from atherosclerosis, a major cause of heart disease. [November 18]

Edward Woodward, OBE, Succumbs to Pneumonia at 79 -- The actor and singer Edward Woodward died on Monday at the age of 79 due to a bout of pneumonia. Best known in America as Robert McCall in the TV program "The Equalizer" and in Britain for the title role in the show "Callan," Mr. Woodward was a star of stage and screen and recorded around a dozen albums. Having a knee injury prevented this working-class lad from Croydon, Surrey, from playing more than three soccer matches for Brentford in the English League. Yet football's loss was acting's gain. [November 19]

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