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Week of 7 December 2009


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This Week's Commentary: Volume VIII, Number 40
EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases are Harmful -- The Environmental Protection Agency has just announced that, yes, indeed, greenhouse gases are harmful to humans. This means that pollutants can be regulated under the Clean Air Act. Naturally, the oil lobby is pitching a fit, and the climate change deniers believe another couple of decades of study are needed. However, the move really is designed to put pressure on the Congress to act and to give Mr. Obama some cover as he goes to the world climate summit in Copenhagen. [December 7]

Suicide Bombers Kill 120 in Iraq-Nam -- Those who thought that Iraq-Nam was settling down got a rude awakening this morning, as at least four bombs went off in that country killing around 120 and wounding a reported 425 more. Prime Minister Nouri al- Maliki issued a statement that said, "The timing of the cowardly terrorist attacks . . . after parliament overcame the last obstacle ahead of the elections, confirm that the enemies of Iraq and its people aim to sow chaos in the country." One might add that they have done a very good job of it, too. [December 8]

UK Banker Bonuses over 25,000 Face 50% Tax -- British Chancellor Alistair Darling spent 50 minutes addressing the House of Commons in a pre-Budget report today covering a great many items. However, the one that made the most sense was a 50% tax that banks in the UK must pay on any bonuses to employees that exceed 25,000. The Treasury anticipates that will affect 20,000 UK-based bankers, but not really. It's a bank payroll tax, so it will not be deductible in computing profits for tax purposes. The only problem is that 50% is not sufficient. [December 9]

Obama, Woods and Eddie Aikau -- The third sitting American President to win a Nobel Peace Prize was in Oslo yesterday, the first to pick his up in person. Many said that he has not done enough to deserve it, including the man himself. Also, a Congressman who had been pushing to award Tiger Woods the Congressional Gold Medal (America's highest civilian honor) withdrew his support for the idea after Mr. Woods' extra-marital affairs came to light. And finally this week, Eddie Aikau was remembered for the right reasons. [December 10]

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