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15 June 2017

Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Mueller Investigating Trump for Obstruction

The special prosecutor looking into the Russian tampering with America's general election is now investigating whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation. Obstruction of justice was one of the three crimes in the articles of impeachment that Richard Nixon faced before his resignation. Given what is known publicly, this journal is of the opinion that Mr. Trump did indeed seek to prevent the investigation from proceeding, and therefore is guilty of obstruction. At the same time, this journal believes that there is much more that needs to be learned in this sorry affair and that the case against Mr. Trump can wait. Espionage and collaboration with a hostile power are more serious matters and are just as likely as the obstruction charge.

The Washington Post reported late last night "The obstruction-of-justice investigation of the president began days after [former FBI Director] Comey was fired on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter. Mueller's office has taken up that work, and the preliminary interviews scheduled with intelligence officials indicate that his team is actively pursuing potential witnesses inside and outside the government."

The Trump team isn't helping itself either. Mark Corallo, spokesman for Trump's personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, told the Post, "The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable, and illegal." Mr. Corallo did not deny the investigation exists, but the FBI was not mentioned as the paper's source. This is clearly an attempt to color the FBI as biased; this adds to the obstruction case.

Still, attacking the Trump administration for obstruction is on a par with taking Al Capone down for tax evasion. There are much bigger and more awful things that probably happened.

The US intelligence community is united in its opinion that its Russian counterpart undertook a cyberattack on the US during the late political campaign to damage Hillary Clinton. Any damage done to Ms. Clinton was to the benefit of Mr. Trump. There are numerous, documented contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. There are several instances where Trump administration officials and advisers failed to report contacts with those Russians. At best, the contacts were embarrassing given the timing, but one cannot deny that Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn all failed to be entirely truthful in discussing these contacts. One man may forget quite honestly. Two men might forget coincidentally. Five men forgetting reeks of conspiracy.

The obstruction case raises the question of why are these men forgetting discussions they had with Russians at a time when the FSB, SVR and GRU are engaged in a cyberassault on American democracy? General Flynn has already requested immunity in exchange for his testimony. One would be fascinated to hear what his lawyer's proffer contains. What does General Flynn know? Can someone else in the administration be turned into a cooperating witness?

There is no doubt that the Russians have managed an exceptionally effective espionage action against the US. There is no doubt that certain Americans benefited from it. What needs investigating is to what extent did those Americans work with the Russians in the attack? They are either accomplices, or they are dupes. They are complicit or naive. This journal's considered opinion is that there is not a third option. They are not innocent.

The obstruction of justice charge only addresses the fact that the administration is acting like several of its members are guilty of something. This journal wants to know what they are covering up.

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