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8 April 2019


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Nielsen Forced out as Heimatschutzminister


Kirstjen Nielsen has involuntarily resigned as Secretary of Homeland Security. Her tenure as Heimatschutzminister has been an unrelenting blemish on the reputation of the United States of America. Her inept implementation of inherently and deliberately cruel policies have created a humanitarian disaster for which she should stand trial. While she was only following orders of the president, regular readers of this journal know that is no excuse.

The job fell to her when her predecessor General John Kelly took up the mantle of Chief of Staff at the White House. The general believed that his chief of staff at DHS, Ms. Nielsen, would be more than able to take over for him. He did not figure on Donald Trump's inability to handle women in government, nor did he count on Ms Nielsen's obsequiousness in dealing with the infantile president.

It was on her watch that the United States of America separated children from their parents, who had legally come to America to ask for political asylum, and placed them in concentration camps (no other word truly fits) along the US southern border. Her DHS shipped children hundreds of miles from their detained parents, some winding up in New York City and other urban areas closer to Canada than Mexico.

She was responsible for the implementation of policies that were deliberately designed to deter asylum seekers, which was bad enough morally. But then, she implemented policies like the child-separation plans so poorly, that reuniting the kids with their parents may take as long as two years. It is clear that no one involved ever asked, "shouldn't we have a way to track our detainees so we can reunite them at the end of the detention?" It was her job to ask.

Ironically, her sacking came about because the president believed her to be too soft on the refugees. On Thursday, he fired Ronald Vitiello the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] and stated that he wanted to the government policy to go "in a tougher direction." Ms. Nielsen, the woman who let families be separated, was not tough enough. Perhaps if she had lined them up on the edge of a trench and had them shot and the mass grave covered by a bulldozer, she would still have a job. Then again, perhaps not. Mr. Trump can't deal with women in positions of power.

Taking over the job on an acting basis will be Kevin McAleenan, currently the US Customs and Border Protections Commissioner. This is ironic because as the Washington Post reported this morning, "McAleenan is generally well-liked by leaders in both parties and is viewed as a neutral, technocratic law enforcement official, rather than an immigration hawk. He has traveled to the border frequently in recent months to draw attention to the growing strains on U.S. agents and infrastructure, while also speaking directly with asylum-seeking families from Central America about their reasons for leaving home."  If he is true to his previous views, he will be replaced soon enough.

The Trump administration has created a genuine immigration problem where there was not one before through a policy of viciousness and deterrence. The fact is that when people run away from the kind of violence that causes people to flee their homes, they don't spend a lot of time asking about the policies of the places to which they flee. One doesn't ask if the ground outside is muddy and does one have appropriate footwear available when running from a burning building.

Mr. Trump would love to run for re-election with immigration as a weapon. As things stand, border crossings have surged under Mr. Trump, and Mexico did not pay for the non-existent wall. One cannot run on a policy of failure.

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