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September 2002

Latest Commentary:
The FCC has just ruled that all TVs in the US will have to be able to receive digital transmissions in the 2004-07 range. This will tack on $25 to $50 per set effective quite soon. Some see it as a tax on TV watchers, but in fact, it is an investment in the future of wireless telecommunications in America -- and an excellent executive decision. Read on in American Politics

Someone in the media finally pointed out that a "War on Terror" is about as sensible as a "War on Strategic Bombing." Zev Chafets on New York's Daily News, a shill for the Israeli right, has hit the nail on the head. Terror is merely a military strategy employed by a side that has such pitiful resources that surprise and viciousness are required as force multipliers. You can't make war on it. See our view of the war on terror.
Quotation of the Week:
"Give me six lines written by the most honest man, and I'll find something in it to hang him."
-- Armand Jean Cardinal de Richelieu

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