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20 August 2014


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XIII, Number 139

ISIS Beheads Journalist, Shares Video on Internet -- A gang of barbarians pretending to be Muslims and calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has apparently beheaded journalist James Foley and shared the video on social media sites. ISIS has also slain people for refusing to convert to Islam, has banned music in those territories it controls and has filled mass graves simply because it could. Every member of ISIS is a war criminal, and given the inflexibility of the group, this will be a war of extermination. [20 August]

Ferguson, Missouri's Trouble is Democratic Atrophy -- The current civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, stems from a single incident of a white cop shooting an unarmed black teenager 6 times, killing the kid. The governor has taken the local police off crowd-control duties and given the job to the state highway patrol. A few days later, he called up the National Guard to help the patrol. The authorities experimented with a curfew. In short, the situation is out of hand. Put another way, this is what happens when democracy is thwarted. [19 August]

Rick Perry Indicted for Abuse of Office -- This journal has little use for the know-nothing conservatism of Texas Governor Rick Perry. The news that a grand jury had indicted him on charges that he abused the power of his office, however, is not grounds for happiness. The case is simply one of a politician playing hardball. The case against him is flimsy at best, and this journal will be content only when the charges go away. [18 August]

Missouri Governor Relieves Ferguson Police of Crowd Control Duties -- Yesterday, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri relieved the police department of Ferguson, Missouri of its crowd control duties. He did this after the FPD proved itself incapable of dealing with protesters who objected to one of the department's members fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager six times. For four days, the FPD treated the people whose taxes pay their salaries like an occupied army treats a conquered population. Last night, protests continued under the watchful eyes of the state highway patrol. There are no reports of violence. [15 August]

Police on Rampage in Missouri -- Five days ago, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed, black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, Ferguson has been the scene of protests, and some looting and other irresponsible acts of violence against property. Yesterday, however, the police turned the town into an occupied city complete with armored vehicles and automatic weapons. Police attacked taxpayers with rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, flashbangs and tear gas . The pretext was these legal assemblages of citizens failed to disperse at sundown, despite statements by authorities that there is no curfew. Two reporters suffered false arrest as did a St. Louis alderman. This is fascism. [14 August]

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