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24 June 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 121

Britain Votes to Leave EU -- In one of the greatest self-inflicted wounds of all time, the British electorate voted yesterday to leave the European Union. About 17.4 million voters chose Leave, while 16.1 million opted for Remain. The financial markets are in a panic, and the long process of negotiations regarding the divorce settlement are beginning. David Cameron has announced he will step down as Prime Minister by the Tory Party conference in October. Other European states are considering similar referenda. The future is going to be one long salvage operation to see what can be saved from the mess. [24 June]

Cameron Gambled, Lost No Matter the Outcome -- The polls are open across Britain, and the future of Europe is being decided. It should never have come to this. Whether the Remain folks win or whether the Leavers carry the day, there is a big loser. David Cameron called this referendum to heal a split in the Conservative Party over Europe. His idea was for a Remain vote to win by a large margin and silence the Eurosceptic faction of the Tory party for a decade or two. Not only will they not fall silent, they are louder than ever. [23 June]

Kensington Review Says Brits Must Vote to Stay in EU -- The British go to the polls tomorrow to answer the question "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" The Kensington Review, as close a friend to the British people as one can be short of becoming British, urges everyone who can vote to mark his or her ballot paper in favor of remaining in the EU. The arguments in favor of remaining are political, economic and military. [22 June]

Trump Campaign Reorganized, Fundraising Lags Clinton -- Political campaigns are won with money and organization. While a well-funded and well-structured campaign doesn't guarantee victory, a poorly funded and badly organized effort almost inevitably results in defeat. The Trump campaign claims that it is running a new kind of operation. They had better hope so because there is both chaos in the structure of the campaign and a shortage of funds. If they don't have a new paradigm, they are in the process of losing the general election well before the convention next month. [21 June]

Remain Result Won't Settle Brexit Issue -- On Thursday, the British voters go to the polls to decide the fate of Europe. They will be voting on whether to remain part of the European Union or to withdraw from it. Their decision will affect European politics for years to come. A vote to leave will throw the future of the entire European project into doubt. A vote to stay, say the pundits, will allow Europe to move forward secure in the knowledge that the issue is settled. However, it won't be settled if the Remain vote prevails, especially in a close result. A second referendum will likely happen before a decade passes. [20 June]

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