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 28 November 2022


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Chinese Covid Protesters Call for President Xi to Resign -- The Zero-Covid policy of the Chinese Communist Party is on its last legs. The idea of draconian lock-downs to combat the spread of the disease made sense in the early days. There was no real treatment, let alone a cure or a vaccine. Isolating the infected from everyone else kept the Chinese death toll down. Three years on, with effective vaccines and a couple of decent treatments, there is much less reason for the policy. Indeed, the Chinese people are beginning to lose patience with the regime. There have been protests against local authorities for decades in the PRC. This week-end, though, there were protests in major cities where protesters called for both President Xi and the Communist Party to step down. The president needs to relax his policy, but he will not. He is too closely tied to Zero-Covid.. [28 November]

Trump May be Ineligible to Run Again -- Trump is mounting another campaign for the White House. He is the current front-runner among the Republicans. Not only is he the only announced candidate but also he leads in all the polls, with one or two exceptions. The MAGA wing of the party (which is much bigger than a wing) is already hyped up, and his coffers runneth over. However, he may not be eligible for the presidency. The Fourteenth and Twenty-Second Amendments suggest that he could lose a lawsuit to deny him a place on the ballot in November 2024. [25 November]

UK Supreme Court Blocks SNP from Holding IndyRef2 -- The UK Supreme Court just ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the authority to hold a referendum on independence without the consent of Westminster. That is not really a surprise. The Scotland Act is reasonably clear on what powered Edinburgh has and which stayed in London. This foils the plans of the Scottish National Party that had planned a new referendum for next year. That does not kill off Scottish independence. Instead, it means that the SNP will fight the next election on an independence manifesto. The odds are much better for them this way. [23 November]

Trump Poses Problems for GOP, Win or Lose -- Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for the White House, and it creates a serious, perhaps lethal, set of problems for the Republican Party. He retains a stranglehold on the craziest, most militant faction of the right. Some leaders of the party have come out against him, saying that it was time for the GOP to move on. Others are notable for their silence. The big change for many is that the former president no longer feels like a winner. He picked several candidates for the mid-terms, and despite his endorsement, or because of it, they lost. The Republicans need to purge the party of the crazies, but as things stand now, a split or more likely than a purge. [22 November]

Pelosi, Hoyer Leave Democratic Leadership -- The mid-term elections have placed the Democrats in the minority in the House of Representatives, and so, the leadership of the House Democrats will be changing. The Old Guard of Nancy Pelois and Steney Hoyer will pass the torch to the next generation of leaders on January 3, 2023. While both will remain members of the House serving their districts, their future within the party will be as senior advisors while the new kids find their feet. Chief Whip James Clyburn will stay on but will likely take the number 4 position as assistant leader to provide a bit of stability. His time, however, is almost up as well. The new team is likely to be New York\'s Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker, Katherine Clark of Massachusetts will be Majority Leader and Peter Aguilar of California will occupy the seat of the Conference Chair. [18 November]

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