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27 April 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 81

Trump's Foreign Policy Speech Was Self-Contradictory, Ignorant -- Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee for president this year barring an act of God. Also barring a similar act, he will lose the general election. That is something the entire human race should celebrate. His speech yesterday on foreign policy was an embarrassment of self-contradiction and wishful thinking that could easily result in international catastrophe. For forty minutes, he spoke in inadvertent support of the thesis that he is unsuited to be president. [28 April]

Clinton, Trump Run up Delegate Counts in Northeast -- Five states held primaries yesteday to choose delegates to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. On the GOP side, Donald Trump won all five. On the Democratic side, Mrs. Clinton won Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Mr. Sanders prevailed in Rhode Island. The main point is that both frontrunners added hugely to their delegate count and widened their respective leads over their rivals. Barring an act of God, the November general election will pit Mr. Trump against Mrs. Clinton in what promises to be the nastiest campaign in living memory. [27 April]

Saudi Prince Plans to End Oil "Addiction" -- Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman basically runs government economic policy in the kingdom. Yesterday, he announced an ambitious plan to ween the nation off its oil "addiction." His plans, called "Vision 2030," call for non-oil revenues to increase to 600 billion riyals ($160 billion) by 2020 and 1 trillion riyals ($267 billion) by 2030 from 163.5 billion riyals ($43.6 billion) last year. One wishes him luck, but the devil is in the details, and many genies will be released who won't want to go back in their bottles. [26 April]

Cruz and Kasich Form Small Anti-Trump Electoral Pact -- News broke over night that the campaigns of Ted Cruz and John Kasich have form a mini-electoral pact in a desperate attempt to deny Donald Trump delegates to the Republican National Convention. Their deal calls for Mr. Kasich to stand aside in Indiana in favor of Mr. Cruz, allowing a better shot at winning the state and taking most of the state's 57 delegates. In return, Mr. Cruz will do the same in Oregon (28 delegates) and New Mexico (24 delegates), where the allocation is more or less proportional. It's an excellent move. The flaws are doubtful execution and poor timing. [25 April]

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016 -- The year 2016 has claimed another artist, in the truest and grandest sense of the word. Prince died yesterday at the age of 57 after 37 or so years in the music business. He wasn't slowing down, nor would anyone say he was past his prime either as a composer or performer. It is hard to say a man with that many years under his belt is still in his prime, but the facts in his case say otherwise. Prince was as relevant to pop music today as he was in the 1980s. This was largely because there was no one like him. [22 April]

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