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22 July 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 138

Trump Changes Republican Philosophy -- In accepting the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States, Donald J. Trump spent 75 minutes delivering a speech that showed he has to practice using a teleprompter. The delegates cheered where appropriate, booed even louder the rest of the time, and the party faithful swallowed the feast of red meat without chewing much. However, Mr. Trump has also made some changes to the party's philosophy. If he wins, it will mark the end of the Reagan GOP. Nationalism will replace conservatism. [22 July]

Cruz Declines Endorsing Trump, Party Disunity Persists -- At the Republican National Convention, last night was supposed to be about the speech of vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, introducing him to the vast majority of Americans who haven't a clue who he is. It was not. It was about Ted Cruz addressing the convention in prime time, not endorsing Donald Trump, and being booed as he left the stage. Mr. Cruz is playing a high-risk, long game, but the immediate effect was to take the Trump convention off message again. [21 July]

Republican Hate Fest Foreshadows Ugly Campaign Ahead -- George Orwell begins 1984 with preparations for and enactment of the Two Minutes Hate. In 120 seconds, those who lived under IngSoc in Oceania vented their rage and loathing of the traitor Goldstein. Last night in Cleveland, the Republican Party engaged in at least three hours of hate, proving once again that Americans do many of the things the Brits do with greater volume, color and magnitude. This is going to be a decidedly ugly general election. [20 July]

GOP Rules Floor Fight Shows Divisions -- Usually, American political conventions are tightly scripted events. Even, the spontaneous demonstrations are scheduled for a set time and duration. Yesterday afternoon, though, during the normally mundane business of adopting the rules of the convention, a significant rebellion broke out that the Trump forces crushed with an intraparty ruthlessness rarely seen outside of hardcore communist organizations. The suppression of the move was labeled "cheating," "brownshirt" and "fascist." These labels came from members of the convention who were or have been elected officials. This bodes ill for party unity. [19 July]

Turkish Coup Fails, Purge Underway -- Friday evening, elements of the Turkish armed forces attempted a coup d'etat against the elected, constitutional, democratic government of that country. It collapsed in a matter of hours after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned from vacation and told the people to take to the streets. The clash between an elected politician influenced by Islamist philosophy and a military founded upon and dedicated to the idea of secularism is important. However, it clouds a more fundamental development. The military coup d'etat is becoming obsolete in the face of people power. [18 July]

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