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10 March 2003

Latest Commentary:
The Right Honourable Tony Blair, MP, PC, Her Majesty's Prime Minister, appeared on MTV last week. (There, a sentence one never thought would see daylight, and another follows.) He gave a serious and thoughtful performance to a serious and thoughtful studio audience of the world's youth. However, he was upstaged by one particular member of the crowd. Click here to read more.

After the arrest in Pakistan of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, number 3 operative in Al-Qaeda, there were howls from certain quarters that the press announcement of the arrest was counter-productive. By letting on that the West had captured him, his partners in terror were tipped off and may have escaped capture. Quite possibly so. And that could be why the alleged capture of Usama bin Laden's son was denied by Washington over the week-end. Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"More and more debate, where it is not actually curtailed, is becoming a ritual dance interspersed with cat-calls."
-- Lord Hailsham

Our Motto:
"Neither Half-Full Nor Half-Empty, the Glass is Too Large."

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